Wash the jacket in the car

Jacket — comfortable, warm and comfortable kind of winter clothing. It is fluff allows this garment to be warm and light, but, like any garment, a down jacket requires proper care and proper washing. Contacting cleaning requires material costs, and wash down manual, labor-intensive and not always effective, so there is a proven way of washing down in a washing machine.

Стирка пуховика в машине


1. Remove the jacket all fur details, a hood and a belt. Carefully inspect the jacket for the presence of the weak hold of the buttons or elements. Wash time will be better not to unpick these details.

2. Consider a jacket. Pay attention to the places most subject to pollution: sleeves, pockets, hem, collar. Clean any dirty place soap or a special tool manually.

3. Button up your jacket button and zipper and turn inside out. Now it can be put in the washing machine. Except the jacket in the car send 2-3 tennis ball, they will prevent the dislodging of lint in the wash.

4. Use liquid Laundry detergent down jacket. The powder foams and badly washed out from down. In addition, colored particles that are present in most powders, can leave marks on the jacket is light in color.

5. Wash the jacket in a mode of delicate washing at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Use modes designed for synthetic fabrics and wool.

6. To avoid stains on the surface of the jacket, use the rinse at least two times. Pressing the jacket preferably at a speed of 600 rpm.

7. After washing, immediately remove the jacket from the washing machine, loosen it and remove the front side. Dry the coat on a hanger, buttoned, and zippered. This is necessary to ensure that the jacket regained its original shape.

8. Periodically shake the jacket and wrench it on one then on the other side, then the down will fluff and will not gather clumps, which means it will be easier to distribute inside of the jacket.

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