How to extend the life of the sponge for shoes

Silicone sponge for cleaning shoes dry quickly. Three to four times as clean and you need to buy a new one. There is one way to extend the life of the Shoe sponge with silicone.

Как продлить жизнь губке для обуви

Sponge silicone-based will most effectively protect shoes from moisture, they are easy to use, compact and always at hand. However, the composition of the impregnation can dry quickly. To buy every time a new sponge rather uneconomical, and to go in unpeeled shoes still unpleasant. There is one way to extend the life of the sponge for shoes.

Buy at the shop spray with silicone lubricant. Are these funds intended to care for the car, very inexpensive. Silicone in the spray a lot, and hence it will suffice for a long time.

Silicone composition in the container is under pressure. It is easily sprayed out when you press the nozzle. To return the tool for shoes its functionality, sprinkle with the dry surface of the silicone sponge and can clean boots or shoes. Only note, on the bottle with the silicone should be written that this composition is suitable for leather goods. Then you can be sure that you will not ruin your shoes.

Silicone can be processed not only the uppers, but the soles and seams. Grease will protect from moisture, and hence your feet wet.

Add the composition to the sponge as needed and will always have a clean, well-groomed, dry shoes.

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