How to remove sweat stains from fabric

Often found in bright yellow clothing from sweat. To get rid of it, use a sparing way.

Как убрать пятна пота с ткани

You will need

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • table salt;
  • vinegar;
  • egg yolk;
  • a solution of borax;
  • denatured alcohol;
  • ammonia;
  • petrol.


1. For fresh stains, use hydrogen peroxide. Apply it on the fabric and leave to dry in the sun. Then rinse the item in cold water. Also get rid of the stains by using vinegar. They gently RUB the stain and iron it well-heated iron. Iron is necessary through a gauze.

2. For getting rid of stains on your linen fabrics, use a solution of borax. One glass of pure cold water, take 1 teaspoon of borax and mix thoroughly. Apply the solution on the stain, then rinse, air dry and iron.

3. For clothes made of wool, take regular table salt.100 grams of salt dissolve in 100 ml of pure water. Gently RUB the stain with a cloth soaked in salt solution. Then store it with a few drops of alcohol and then dry the thing in the open air.

4. Sweat stains can be removed without a trace if during washing the clothes, add in cold water and ammonia (in 1 liter of water take 1 teaspoon of alcohol).

5. Copes well with sweat stains an egg yolk. Whip an egg and gently pour it over the area of the spot. Wait until the egg dries. Then scrape the dried stain from the egg with a knife. Rinse clothes in water. If there are still small traces, then remove them with a sponge soaked in glycerine, heated to room temperature.

6. Old sweat stains appear more difficult. You can try the solution from 150 ml of denatured alcohol, 100 ml of the gasoline and 70 ml of liquid ammonia. Soak in this mixture a gauze cloth and apply on the stain. Next, rinse the fabric well.

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