How to withdraw gouache with clothes

If on clothing stains from paint, it doesn’t mean that your favorite thing should be thrown out. There are many ways that help to wash stains from paint. Have to put a bit more effort, but the result will please you.

vyvesti pjatno s odezhdy

You are those lucky parents whose baby is going in the future to become a famous artist? Then you came face to face with spots of paint in the most unexpected places – the Wallpaper, furniture, a new dress. Gouache is also present on any clothing of your baby. To wash it on a white t-shirt or new jeans is not so easy, but possible.

How to wash gouache with clothes

If you follow the rules wash, gouache can be removed without a trace. Since its composition is quite dense and corrosive, you have to try. As they dry it is lighter, and if you apply it too thickly, the paint may even crack.

But the faster you notice spots on the clothes, the more chances you have to get rid of them. We must act in order.

Wet the stain with cold water and a good lather of soap. Wait a few minutes and rinse clothes. If the stain has not disappeared, will have to find another option.

Mix the ammonia and glycerin. Spread this solution to the stain and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then wash manually with a household soap or in the washing machine using your Laundry detergent.

You can also take advantage of the concentrated and high-quality tool for washing dishes. In this case proceed exactly as in the previous embodiment.

How to wash gouache with other fabrics

Unfortunately, the hardest to withdraw gouache with natural fabrics. These include the cotton, jeans. These tissue stains are using a stronger funds.

  • Mix the ammonia with oxalic acid. Do not forget to wear gloves and using a cotton swab apply on the spot. Let it soak for half an hour, and then proceed to wash
  • You can also use a mixture of vinegar and gasoline. Slightly heat the vinegar, add the gasoline, put on the fabric. Hold for 15-20 minutes and wash it.
  • If the first 2 methods do not work, try eucalyptus oil. Apply it on the stain and RUB carefully with a sponge to clean the fabric from the paint. When the stain is removed, wash the item.

Remember when removing stains from clothes is necessary to observe all precautions, especially if you use powerful tool. Put on your apron and wear gloves.

One of these ways will definitely help to get rid of gouaches. But if the stain still will not be able to withdraw, this does not mean you have to forbid the child to draw. What if he really is going to be a famous artist, designer or fashion designer. Help his talent grow and then the baby will succeed.

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