How to help your child to overcome fear

Fears in children psychologists call a normal phenomenon, because itself innate ability to fear helps a person to survive. However, failure to detect and running phobias can become pathological and chase your child a lifetime. If your baby suffers from haunting nightmares, it is very important to help the child to overcome fear.

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Children’s fears and age

  • In 2-3 years the kid associates the sharp sounds with danger, the cause of fear in young children is extremely common.
  • Not all parents fully understand how painful sometimes for crumbs age-old fear of the dark.
  • Many children instinctively afraid of Pets, especially strangers, until you get used to them.
  • The causes of fear in children 4 years of age are often associated with developing imagination. The child can scare the characters of computer games and movies, shadows, dreams, embodied imagination of its own.
  • Fears grow together with children, especially quickly, if the kids are faced with grief in the family. 5 years already with little people can be afraid of a terminally ill, losing a loved, to die.

5 ways to help your child overcome fear

  • Protection. Not to say that fear nothing. Fear is a natural phenomenon. However, the child needs to know that an adult is nearby, he will jump to his defence if need be.
  • Understanding. Be sure to tell your son (daughter) that understand exactly what he (she) is afraid. It’s a story about a similar but successful experience you fear in your childhood. Dialogue is necessary!
  • The lack of ridicule. Never laugh at the fears of his child – children will hide problems out of a sense of shame that threatens the development of phobias. You risk a loss of confidence in child to adult.
  • Optimism. Proved that best soothes a frightened child low voice men – dads, uncles, older brother. Calmly and confidently tell the kid: all must be well.
  • Promotion. Frequently remind children about the victories won by them over fears, but not in any way — not about the failures.

Correction of children’s fears

Effective methods to overcome fear, which is successfully used by child psychologists, have more to do with the impact on the emotions of the kids and not on their mind. For example, if your child is afraid of the dark, it is unlikely that he will help the logical belief that with the lights off in the room nothing will change. Experts advise to teach your baby to the darkness.

In «terrible» the room light must be turned off, others have to include. Originally recommended taking the child by the hand, together to enter into a dark room and go out, if he starts to be afraid. Gradually increase the time of such campaigns, be patient, and baby will begin to make them yourself and get used to it is studied the room.

To help the child to overcome fear helps the outperformance of the problem situation once in which the hero emerges victorious. Comes therapy — treatment of fairy tales in which good always triumphs over evil. Select the appropriate history, invent their own, for example, of a Teddy bear who was afraid of the dark forest, but friendship with a young and a brave Firefly helped him to overcome his fear.

Let the children become actors, use a favorite toy and lose various situations. Without knowing it, the kids in the process a fabulous improvisation can tell a lot about the causes of bad dreams and phobias of an emerging.

How to build a fabulous training

1. Draw in the faces or with dolls fairy story, that it caused an emotional response in the child.

2. Secure the experience. So, you can give your child a flashlight that he can climb in the den out of chairs and blankets. In the children’s room, hang the light.

3. Jointly draw conclusions. Played the story must be related to a specific problem (for example, fear to go in dark room).

If you are trying to help the child to overcome fear, but to solve the problem yourself you cannot, in any case do not let the son or daughter has acquired a lifelong phobia unpleasant. Contact an experienced child psychologist, and together you will cope with the problem.

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