How to encourage your child to learn

Certainly, many parents have observed this situation: after the lesson, the student comes home, has dinner, rest for some time, then suddenly he have «urgent business», absolutely not related to learning the basics of science, but it requires an immediate solution. Why is this happening? The fact that The time has come to start doing the given home lessons, and the child does not want to continue the learning process. How to get child to do homework?

ребенок не делает домашнее задание

First of all, parents should understand that forcing the child to perform not need in principle. We must remember that the child, though small, but still a person. Moreover, pressure can cause completely opposite reaction – the student will receive a negative psychological experience and lose interest in studying science for a long time (if not forever).

How to encourage your child to learn? It is necessary simply to talk, to explain the need for self-homework, to interest his progress in study of science and new knowledge. Perhaps the lack of desire to teach the lessons at home is associated with psychological discomfort. In this case, you need to find out the reason and to set the student on the appropriate way.

How to get child to do homework independently? Don’t need pity praise, if the student completed the homework. Yes, of course, you need to check the quality of writing and arithmetic, but parsing errors (if any) should be made only after the positive side was the desire of the child to learn the basics of science.

Another common problem faced by parents unreasonably prolonged the time of preparation of the student for the next school day. How to get child to do homework quickly? As a rule, leisurely homework because of lack of interest in the subject. The solution will be again the meeting during which the student must be interested, to tell him about the practical benefits you would receive as a result of study of a particular subject, try to solve the problem or to complete exercises and gives the student the role of first violin. A lot of options, but it is important that every joint occupation was not boring for the kid.

как заставить ребенка учиться

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