How to teach your child to read at home

Quite often parents want to teach your child to read at home before entering school. Teaching reading skills can be a serious test for the baby, so this process should be gradual.

Узнайте, как научить ребенка читать по слогам в домашних условиях


1. Decide at what age you want to teach your child to read at home. It is best to start this at the age of 4-5 years, when the baby is able to speak fluently and accurately names the most known words. Moreover, a lot of specialists advises necessarily to teach a child to read at an early age, because his brain at this time more active than, for example, in the early school years.

2. Start teaching your child to read by studying the alphabet. Today on sale you can find a lot bright and colorful manuals that ease the learning process for parents. Pay attention to the book in which the letters of the alphabet drawn large and clear and framed pictures of objects which begin with the corresponding character. An additional advantage will be the audio frame when clicking on the built-in manual key. One day the kid can show 3-5 letters so that he memorized them without problems.

3. As soon As the child will remember all the letters, you’ll need a new tutorial, which this time will contain the simplest of words, consisting of 1-2 syllables: «mA-mA» and «PA-PA», «ha-La», etc. Most of these words the child will already know by ear, so I will be able to quickly memorize their spelling visual memory. Not in a hurry to move on to more complex structures, until the baby learns to read simple words.

4. To properly teach a child to read at home – so constantly get them to fix the skills. This will help you different games. For example, cut out of paper or buy colored letters, from which you can gather the familiar toddler words. Name any of the already-learned words and ask them to assemble it on the floor or on the table. Along with this it is already possible to tell that «and» is used to connect two items. As a result, the child will learn to recognize simple constructions of two or more words.

5. Teach your son or daughter to new syllables and excuses. The most modern of educational books and games have sound framing and other active devices, thanks to which the kid can learn by yourself, even without your participation. Don’t forget to reward him with sweet words and small gifts for achievements. After some time the child will learn to read simple sentences and children’s stories that are sure to help when entering elementary school.

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