What will this winter wear 2015-2016

To dress in winter in accordance with the latest fashion trends and not freeze – it is challenging, but doable. Coats, coats, coats, jackets from the latest collections will help you to remain stylish and feel cozy even in the coldest winters.

Что будем носить этой зимой 2015-2016

Every woman or girl dreams of a luxurious fur coat. But sometimes, we lack funding to buy it. Fortunately, the modern market of clothing offers a huge selection of inexpensive models winter clothes, which look no less attractive than the expensive things from natural fur. The secret of success is concluded in the correct choice.

Status model made of fur

For many ladies coat is an indicator of status and prestige. But even the most gorgeous fur does not guarantee that the happy owner will be things to look stylish. Among the large number of models, it is important to choose the one that will create a unique and inimitable way, will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.


At the peak of popularity this winter are coats classic form-fitting silhouette of soft, flowing fur. Coats even the most beautiful and expensive, it yielded to natural and artificial furs. Broad shoulders were replaced by neat jerseys, gradually the shape of the fragile female shoulders. Most models do not have a clear waistline, completed with a belt or strap.


Modern active lady. The designers took into account this nuance. Most models of coats and coats have a length not below the knee. Maxi is not welcomed neither by the designers nor consumers. Preferring winter clothes «on the floor», think about how you will get in a car or in public transport.

Boleros and cropped coats – these options are suitable only for a special event. In winter, without compromising their health, it is possible to run from the car to office, store, theater, restaurant. But wearing them daily will be uncomfortable and even dangerous.


In the upper winter clothes for everyday use is dominated by natural colors – black, chocolate, grey and red. But high fashion in what does not deny. On the catwalk «paced» coats, coats and jackets most unimaginable shades. Leading designers were stained not only bright fur, but also Fox, mink, sable. In choosing a color they did not hesitate – lavender, Burgundy and even green. To determine the color of clothing you will common sense and sense of proportion.


Chip next season in terms of finishing, will be a combination of pile lengths. On the catwalk «ruled» models with three-dimensional ornament of fur and its variety of fabrics. The actual patchwork – patchwork things, where successfully coexist fur and drape-like fabric with shiny and matte surfaces.

The style «elegant»

If you prefer the coat fabric, it is presented to your attention model of drape, boucle, gabardine, tweed and Ratina. In bulk winter clothing, there are coats made of leather, fur and even quilted materials.

But not only the classics ruled a ball this winter. Extremely popular will be the coat «from the man’s shoulder» — a little too large and slightly shapeless, hiding the outlines of the figure. Another new trend is the round cut of the shoulders under the «retro» in combination with the same round collar long fur. Not hand over their positions and models «trapeze», a double-breasted coat, with options for hoods of different shapes and sizes.

Fur inside

Sheepskin is considered the oldest winter clothing, an essential attribute of the Russian people. And not surprisingly, they have a huge number of loyal fans. Designers have taken into account this fact, and developed a new model of sheepskin. For their tailoring was used mostly eco-leather – a material that by its quality and the main characteristics does not differ from the natural.

Range of sheepskin coats for winter 2015-2016 astonishing in its variety – jackets, Aviator, classic or with the big English collar, retro. Natural colors dominate — brown, graphite, beige, black.

A comprehensive range of

The most practical winter wear is a jacket or a jacket. Designers have repeatedly proven the most ardent fashionistas that such models can be both warm and stylish. Classic jackets, anoraks, parkas, fur designers have decorated rims, kuliski, decorative elements, original clasps, unusual belts and belts with large buckles.

What would you choose for winter, no matter what their preference, remember that fashion trends are not important. The main thing – the clothes should like you to emphasize your femininity and warm even in extreme cold.

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