What shoes to choose in 2016

Beautiful and stylish shoes no less important in composing the image than the hair, makeup and clothes. Sometimes a pair of fashion shoes can make the image vivid and complete.


As for sandals, last fashion shows were the models with straps and chains. Quite elegant and neat. Not massive, but at the same time bright.

Sneakers with bright accents, the prints which can be combined with cropped pants, short dresses and even dresses to the floor. The main thing that they were bright. The inserts can be leather.

Shoes or boots on high heels and massive. It needs to be thick, for example of wood. Shoes actual bright, for example red or blue.

Sandals and shoes with animal print or bright massive bows. They can be deep emerald green, red, or metallic. Print can be Zebra, Python or crocodile.

Sandals in the style of the 70 ‘s, massive platform. Feathers sandals with neutral colors and shoes coarse textured (also called tractor) the sole and same heel.

Boots-stockings actual wine color neutral and peach tones. And of course, black suede – a classic of the genre.

Shoes, which not so long ago was obsolete, with narrow toe, now again in Vogue. Stiletto heels, patent leather, red and black shades and animal print.

Loafers. Last season they were considered a purely male shoes, but now in the collections of Prada models loverof a great variety to look them more carefully. Wear them with cropped trousers and shirts worn outside of lightweight materials.

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