How to distinguish the real from the fake converse

Sneakers Converse (converse) have long won popularity among today’s youth, due to its quality, convenience and practicality. Buying real converse, you can be sure that they will last a long time without losing its appearance. Currently, however, the market was flooded with fakes that do not differ a special quality. Of course, nobody wants to overpay, getting a poor quality item that is not durability. How to distinguish an original from a fake converse?

Как отличить настоящие конверсы от подделки

First of all, when choosing sneakers, you should pay attention to the processing quality of the edges, in particular, the «tongue» of the Shoe. If you can see the original Converse shoes, the seams will be flat and the strands are laid neat stitches. But counterfeits often from seams stick thread, and the seams are simply «move out».

The converse of these on the inside «tongue» must be the label with the size. If you purchased the original sneakers Converse, then after some time will notice that even after prolonged wearing, the label inside will not crack or fade, while the original converse letters and numbers on the label printed plain font, but fakes are usually marked with bright colors.

Another distinctive feature of the original converse – high-quality insoles that do not spread into individual filaments even after prolonged wear. Fakes can’t be proud of it.

Another way on how to distinguish these chucks is to look at the quality of their soles. The original Converse shoes it has smooth color brown and practically is not erased even after prolonged wear. The fakes after a short sole socks starts to fade and shedding, and a layer of brown paint is showing the usual black rubber.

Note the words «ALL STAR», which must be located on the sole. Letters must be efficiently and securely glued, of course, if you can see the original converse, the counterfeiting the label can be not only bad, but also glued crooked.

Another effective way to distinguish the original from the fake converse – this is a test label that should be placed on the inner side of the Shoe. If you are real converse label on them will be securely soldered and tear over time, fake sneakers, this label was attached, and often on the edge you can see the drops of hardened glue.

Knowing these simple methods, you will easily be able to distinguish the real from the fake converse.

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