How to choose a electric driers for shoes

Electric driers for shoes – irreplaceable thing in any season. Otherwise shoes are not only quickly loses its appeal, but can also be a cause of constant colds and ailments, as in wet shoes your feet will be cold. To dry shoes on a radiator Central heating is inconvenient and unsafe. How to choose the right electric driers for shoes.

Как выбрать электросушилку для обуви

The optimum mode, which is suitable for genuine leather and shoes from nubuck or leather, is dried at a temperature of 70 Celsius. Data on temperature regime, which provides specific electric driers shall be indicated on the packaging or in the accompanying documents (technical passport of the product). When the drying temperature is higher, shoes dries, resulting in deformation and cracking. At a lower temperature for your shoes or boots facing nedosypanija.

At the stated temperature (70) for the full drying of the Shoe will need at least 5 hours, it is worth considering leaving your shoes to dry.

When choosing driers, pay attention to the material of the heating element. Electric driers for shoes with ceramic heaters are slightly cheaper, however, selecting them is not worth it. Ceramic warms up unevenly, which can lead to deformation of shoes, because the shoes can be bad to dry.

Possess optimum thermal conductivity aluminum heaters. Some models have liners except heater has a UV emitter is very good. Ultraviolet light will kill the germs and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. This technology is patented by Russian manufacturers, however, often Chinese fakes. If the packaging on this dryer there is no full instruction in Russian language, I advise you to refrain from buying.

You should check how well fastened in the dryer parts. Shake the device. If his insides rattle, it means they are not attached securely. This dryer will last for long. Of great importance and the quality of the plastic. You can test it using pressure. If when pressing the plastic flexes, it’s dangerous, because when heated a second-rate plastic may simply be melted.

There are so-called dryer for drying shoes. They are quite expensive, however their main advantage is that they are able to cope with the drying of shoes much faster. Drying-the dryer the shoes easy to overdry. To avoid this, the shoes should be checked for drying every hour.

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