Tip 1: How to keep roses in a vase

When you give a beautiful bouquet of roses, you always want to maintain the beauty of the flowers longer. Prolong the life of cut roses is quite simple. It’s enough to use simple techniques.

Rosy v vase


1. To roses stood in a vase, and the water does not spoil, tear off those sheets of paper that can come into contact with water.

2. Cut the rose stems at 2-3 cm under an oblique angle. In a fresh cut hit the air is frequently desirable to be done in the water. Rose will be better able to absorb water, if after trimming the stems to split further.

3. Take a tall vase and fill it with water, so that it could take 2/3 of the length of rose stems. Water for the roses, it is desirable to defend. In summer it is better to pour in a vase of cool water in winter, water at room temperature.

4. Add in the water nutrients, roses in a vase will last longer. As nutrients you can use sugar and vinegar (20-30 grams of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 liter of water).

5. To keep the water in the vase longer retains the freshness, add a small amount of some bactericidal agents (alum, vodka, aspirin or borax).

6. Purchase roses are often used to chemistry. Therefore as a disinfectant for water you can use a drop of bleach for linen.

7. Put a vase with roses in a cool place, but not in the draft. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight.

8. Caring for roses in a vase:
— change water daily;
— during the change of water rinse the rose stems under running water;
every day spray the bouquet of roses in a vase with a spray bottle, being careful that the water fell not in the center of the buds, and on the outer petals.

9. When roses begin to fade, place them overnight in a tub of cool water 7-12 degrees. Put down the flowers so that the water sank, only the stems, and the buds were above the water level. Then trim the stems and put the roses in fresh water. Before that, it is advisable to dissolve in water a couple of teaspoons of ammonia.

10. With proper care you will be able to enjoy the beauty of roses for a month.

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