Studying psychology of communication

The relationship between people is an important component of human life. It is the ability to establish a fruitful and pleasant contact with other members of society determines the success of the individual in society.

Изучаем психологию общения

Psychology of relationships teaches you to understand yourself, helps to choose the right vector of communication with people as well as adjust their own behavior and to win others. Why this person dislikes? How to communicate with your teenage child? How to please a business partner? How to build relationships with colleagues? Questions of this type in humans a lot and get answers to them in this section of psychology.

Everyone is a bunch of personal interests, goals in life, desires and principles. All this determines the choice of friends, spouse, work, Hobbies. People who similar Hobbies and aspirations, are attracted to each other, they easily establish contact and to get pleasure from it. Quite the opposite – those who have different principles, norms of behaviour, intentions and interests, will seem to the person unpleasant and will lead to conflict and strained relations.

According to the psychology of relationships, you need to learn to understand themselves, their desires and needs, to be able to listen to yourself. Contact with others requires a sober look at the interests of others, to refract them through the prism of their values. For every man, if it’s not causing anyone harm, has a right to Express themselves, their own system of beliefs, desires and goals. When there is an awareness of this fact, to build a relationship with people becomes much easier and more efficient.

Psychology of relations, as one of the categories of psychology, has its plane of study, such as:

• interpersonal relationships;

• family relationships;

• business relations;

• relations between men and women;

• public relations.

Today, in the Internet age, can be highlighted and the psychology of virtual communication. Social network sites for Dating and a lot of other web opportunities are the focus of the interactions of millions of people. However, through virtual communication it is difficult to understand the emotions and feelings of a person. Non-verbal elements of contact and emotional coloring in communication are a large amount of information about the interlocutor, helps to understand the degree of sincerity of the man and his feelings as they are. Often virtual friend in reality does not live up to expectations and communication is interrupted.

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