How to get rid of damage caused to someone else’s whining

The negativity adversely affects our brain. It proved specialists. Strange whining — one of the sources of this harm. How to deal with it, without spoiling the relationship with someone who is essentially a whiner? There are 3 proven ways.

Нытье - это отсутствие желания справиться с проблемами.

Many experts, in particular Trevor Blake, believe that the brain is something like a muscle. Moreover, different activity affects him differently. Negative weak and positive — strengthens, trains.

Someone else’s whining is the source of harm to our brain

Only 30 minutes of whining in someone else’s day and emotions that results that negatively affect our brains. And whining mean not as many complaints about life, how much lack of desire to cope with falling problems. Therefore, it can be attributed to bad news in different media.

As a result, the negative impact of the brain deprived of some neurons, which could be used in a more dignified way: for example, in thinking.

How to deal with this problem? Not to allow itself to be drawn into someone else’s negativity. If a person really need advice, he will ask about it or make any attempt to find a solution. If a person only complains, without any attempt or desire to correct the situation, he wants you to join him in his negativity.

How to protect yourself from negativity of others?

Experts suggest several ways to protect against negativity:

  • Distance. Inveterate whiners can be compared with smokers. With the second you are at risk of becoming a passive smoker, if you just are near. Whiners are in the same situation.
  • Please think about solving the problem. Sometimes a simple question, «what are you planning to do in this situation?» If the person is a whiner, he will cease his complaints. Because such people solution need least.
  • If first two methods did not help, can you help methods of psychological protection. If the conversation with the ever-nagging person could not be avoided, you can imagine yourself covered with a cover, which protects from prying meaningless complaints. Or an invisible cloak. Or being on a Paradise beach. You can politely nod your head, ask sympathetic questions, and in my head, basking in the Paradise island.

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