How to arrange a romantic evening with a loved one at home

During the relationship, it is often necessary to arrange a romantic evening with a loved one at home. This helps loving each other man and woman even closer together and strengthen your romantic relationship.

Вы можете устроить романтический вечер любимому в домашних условиях


1. Try to arrange a romantic evening, you have created the most relaxing environment. Prepare in advance, choosing a time when man was still at work. First of all, you need to clean the apartment, to maximize cleanliness and order. Get rid of all the excess that has long irritated you and a loved one. If possible, buy an inexpensive air freshener, and create a pleasant fragrance in all living areas.

2. Create a romantic atmosphere in accordance with the preferences of men. You can quietly turn on his favorite music channel or on the TV. If he doesn’t mind scented or plain candles, put two or three in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Point light makeup with a hint of perfume and dress in something easy, but beautiful (blouse and mini skirt may suffice, high heel shoes – optional).

3. Prepare meals your man to arrange a romantic evening at home. You can experiment and create something new and exotic. Cover the table and make sure that it was attended by light alcoholic drinks, such as wine or champagne. If possible, pre-fill the bathtub with hot water with foam, and the bedroom lay on the bed, fresh linen (don’t forget candles as an indispensable attribute of romantic atmosphere).

4. Meet the beloved in the hallway after work and help him get dressed in homemade things. Invite him to the table. Be sure to prepare some toast, as well as those for unhurried conversation. Remember your best moments of life together, try to build further plans and to dream a little. Avoid talking about work, money, family and don’t forget to confess your feelings.

5. After dinner, invite the man into the bathroom or bedroom depending on your scenario romantic evening. Remember that this is a special day, so try to be more relaxed and be ready to perform at least some of the innermost sexual desires of your men. Of course, the hot tub should be a prelude to passionate sex: it is possible to luxuriate, relax and enjoy the long hugs and kisses. After that you can move into the bedroom, where already engaged in a passionate and fast or sensual and slow sex, depending on what pleases you most.

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