5 signs of friendships

Friendship is considered one of the most important kinds of relationship after love. Even if you have been friends with someone does not mean that these warm relations will last all the time. People break up, there’s nothing you can do about it. There are several features of friendships.

5 признаков распада дружеских отношений


1. Negative behavior in the presence of the other. Stop the relationship if in the presence of another you have seen aggressive behavior. If friendly competition, resentment or envy — it is time to stop such relationships.

2. The pernicious influence of friendship. Drinking buddy and friend of the notion, closely interconnected and many of them confused. If your meeting can not do without drinking, then maybe this is not the best option friendship, and indeed the concept of friendship in such a relationship remains doubtful.

3. The lack of equality between friends. The imbalance is a serious reason to end the friendship.

4. Insults and unpleasant words in the address of a friend. If you are in lack, or worse, in the presence of his friend begin to ridicule him, make fun of or insult, it is unlikely that it can be called friendship.

5. Friend did not understand you. The most annoying thing when people don’t understand. Especially if it’s close people. If a friend constantly uses you as vests for you to cry on, there can be no question of friendship. If people ceased to understand you, then your paths diverge.

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