Friendship between the sexes

Very many are interested in the question of friendship between the sexes. There is no clear definition of the principle of friendship men and women. And each Union has certain limits that differentiate specific two people in the General structure of such relations.

Дружба между полами

It is believed that a man not tie a friendship with a woman who is not attracted to him in intimate terms. Very often people think for the future. Then friendship can develop into further relationship.

In the other case there is not mutual love, when a person begins to make friends in order to be closer to his beloved or favorite. Such relationships usually bring a lot of frustration and pain.

Also men and women can be friends for the sake of increasing their status. It’s nice to be proud of what your boyfriend or girlfriend – popular star or a great actor.

Sometimes friendship is put to test. For example, before the beginning of the novel, a woman or man to make friends in order to see what actually the object of adoration.

Meet the selfless examples of male and female friendship that is not based on an intimate relationship. Typically, these relations are developing since the study or work, when people have a spiritual connection. This kind of relationship is the best, as it completely eliminates physical or monetary interest.

The phrase «let’s stay friends», heard by millions of people throughout the world. When to leave you permanently scared, the partners are trying to replace your love for friendship, so I suggest this unequal exchange. Such a relationship is not gonna end. Sooner or later there will be resentment and desires that will destroy friendship.

Whether a woman to have a friendship with a man, what are the prospects? As practice shows, the Outlook is quite rosy. So do not refuse the offer of friendship, because friends are not redundant.

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