Friendship or love between a man and a woman

Everyone in your life at least once wondered: «is it Possible friendship between a man and a woman?» Material for this paper is drawn from real events in life. What most people call friendship between a man and a woman is the type of relationships that begin based on regulations, which suggests that the strong family was originally created by friendly relations. Friendship between a man and a woman is possible, but very often friends get used to each other and later realize that their «friendship» is the strongest Union possible, but there is one huge «BUT»…

Дружба или любовь


1. In such a Union is very often that during the period of companionship people know all the good and bad sides, as share all, tell all the details of his life. Consider this situation: a girl has a fight with her boyfriend. Starts ringing hysterically to his friend, he tries to soothe, to distract her. She begins to understand that she is well and safe with him. They begin in own way to depend on meeting with a friend, and it already is something inexplicable.

Рука об руку

2. Most interesting is that a logical explanation for this situation and it’s totally obvious! From the entire period of fellowship may come so that one of my friends is in love with another and this is, as a rule, can not be called friendship, although relationships between people are within the permissible norms of friendship. There are cases where the guy falls in love with her friend, without seeming to and without giving your love of publicity, he, without noticing, begins to change and treat the girlfriend more sensitive to it at the time, notices this and she also like this attitude. In the end, it only remains to wait for the first step from each other! Once this step is done, these friends go on to a higher stage of relations, they become a couple, while remaining friends.

"Маленький принц"

3. A small conclusion from the article: the friendship between a man and a woman exists, but not for long, as the physiology and chemical processes transform the friendship into love! This implies that friendship sooner or later becomes love, no matter how you tried to prove otherwise.


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