How to make family friendly

Are family friendly and are not very. How do you manage in the family to create a warm atmosphere? And is it possible? Possible. Everything is in your hands.

Как сделать семью дружной


1. Creating a good, warm, spiritual atmosphere of the house is a responsibility of every member of the family. Involve in the Affairs of everyone who lives in your home.
What can be done to create sincerity?
Start in the evening to discuss Affairs of the day. To share the good news, and current tasks. It is important to share good and not to complain and to discuss «any goats». First try to tell the initiator is infectious. And the rest too after some time will want to share with you pleasant news.

2. Regularly organize joint viewing of the film and discuss what is happening. You will see the views of your family in the world, learn their opinion. When a man shares his opinion, he made friends with others. And encourage children to reflect on what they saw, and not just mindlessly staring at the TV.

3. Organize a joint long-term project, such as planning a vacation or repair. Attract everyone. Let everyone make a contribution. If you are traveling in unfamiliar country, you may each be responsible for a certain part. Someone, how to eat, and someone for the rental car or to locate, anyone else for booking hotel, etc, if something does not work, not to criticize. And how to accept the unexpected turn of events in the journey.

4. And of course, every family has its holidays. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. – try to make them memorable and fun. So in 10 years you can remember and say, «yeah it was cool!»
Periodically arrange gatherings with your photos and recollection of travel. Such memories bring.
Try to do every day at least a small thing to create a warm relationship. And after a while your family will become more United.

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