Several myths and misconceptions about yoga

In the modern world began to take yoga as part of fitness, as a kind of gymnastics, which develops flexibility, provides good stretch, etc. Because everyone knows that yoga is a those who easily puts his leg behind his head, stands on his head or sitting in Lotus posture with eyes closed. But, why are they doing this? And so if you must have all these skills in order to be a «real yogi»?

Несколько мифов и заблуждений о йоге

I often have to hear from different people: «Oh, no – yoga is not for me. I need something more dynamic», or «I don’t understand yoga, probably a little too young…».

So what is yoga?

First of all, you have to understand that yoga is not sport, not fitness and not religion. This Is The Way. The path of self-development and purification. It includes a wide Arsenal of methods and techniques that allow us to solve the problems which perturb him at this particular time. And, at the same time, all of these methods are intended to serve one common goal – the liberation of man from suffering and the attainment of pure reason. For those who have decided to follow the path of Yoga – it is the goal of life.

Many perceive yoga as some physical exercises to improve stretching, or worse, as some kind of religious sect. This perception is usually due to a lack of knowledge in this area, devaluing its true meaning.

In the West and in Russia yoga really became popular once more as a part of the fitness industry. But it does not beg other advantages of this road, which will be opened by the seeker. However, now so many branches and schools of yoga that the person once released on the market, very easy to get lost and very difficult to understand where to start. And no wonder that some people believe that yoga does not suit them.

What does it mean yoga is not for everyone?

Yes and no. In fact, yoga can begin to engage any person and for any there exists a suitable method for self-development, which will undoubtedly bring results. Another thing is that not everyone is ready to start learning yoga, and only take it as a Way of life, strictly following all the principles, can only units. But even if you are not willing to accept it as the basis of its life, it does not deprive you of the right to use certain «yogic» methods to solve their specific problems. Important – to want to solve them.

As practice shows, people became interested in yoga when his not satisfied with something, when there is a need for change. It is unlikely that you will meet with yoga absolutely happy, successful and satisfied with their life, bursting with energy. Such people, as a rule, «take everything from life» outside the hall, not being tormented with self-doubt, and perceive life as a source of pleasure. This means that their time has not yet come. They have other things in this life. If such instances come across in the yoga room, then it’s most likely a coincidence, and long they won’t be here long.

But if there is dissatisfaction with something (anything, be it health, weight (one of the most popular problems among beginners Yogini), trauma, psycho-emotional disorders, etc. – the list is endless) then this is an indicator that it is time for change. Yoga is one of the numerous ways that helps to implement these changes. The trick is that for any human problem in yoga there are methods to address it. Importantly, the intention to change their particular situation was strong enough, and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Primary motivation of man is come to yoga, can be any, beginning with the desire to lose weight and become healthy, ending the need to achieve inner harmony as a result of dismissal or failure in personal relationships. It doesn’t matter where you start your «search for happiness». All that matters is the unbending intent, aimed at personal transformation. And if the adept maintains the regularity of practice, we gradually «impregnated» with this environment. More and more immersed in the study of yoga techniques, you will gain new friends, new teachers, like-minded people. And each such meeting is another little brick to build their own temple of self-discovery.

There is another important point about group practices yoga or yoga in the halls

Despite a large number of directions of yoga, almost everything that is taught in yoga studios and fitness centers refers to Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a set of techniques in which the main tool is our physical body. This tool is most intuitive and accessible to everyone, and therefore the direction of Hatha yoga has become so popular.

From time to time I hear from people who have visited several times in my class, the surprised comments, such as: «I used to think (thought) that yoga is just sitting with her legs crossed, relax and do nothing. And here is all this effort you have to put! And even sweat can be worse than at the gym…» that yoga is boring, slow, relaxed understand that — fairly widespread judgment among those people who «know» about yoga only by hearsay. I would like to dispel this myth and to shed light on the real situation in this matter.

Indeed, we are all familiar with pictures of the books and a global network, where a half-naked Indian yogi ascetic, smeared with ashes, sitting motionless in the Lotus, immersed in an unknown state of deep meditation. However, to our contemporary reality it has nothing. Of course, it is worth noting that there is such a thing as Raja yoga, where the main objective is the purification of the mind through meditative practices. But this is not the first step on the path of self-discovery. And the vast majority of modern yoga adepts to this point of principle not gets. Raja yoga is the very high level of inner work, preceded by dozens of years (and maybe lifetimes) of hard work and sweating on the Mat (Hatha yoga).

There is also confusion about the concept of «meditation»

Very often people think that meditation is simple, relaxed when I sit and think about beauty and grace and descends on you from above, filling with bliss. As it is not so. Meditation is a special state of mind, acquired by a long period of hard concentration, but more on that later… Maybe — in another essay. What’s important is to get the result in any case efforts should be made, whether physical or mental. And to obtain sustainable results, these efforts must be regular and correct.

Therefore, at initial stage, it is regular practice in the yoga room can be a good Foundation for building personal discipline and further development. And, of course, there will have to sweat.

I’m not going to urge all to urgently go to classes on yoga at the nearest Studio. Yes and in my classes I’m much nicer to see people who come consciously, when you feel this real need.

I just urge you, before you pass judgement about yoga and how you fit or not, this way, wondered what the basis of your judgment? If it is based on the opinion of other people, it will not be true, because someone’s opinion is always subjective. If your ideas are not the result of personal experiences, they cannot reflect the full picture. To really understand whether a particular method from a particular direction, one or another teacher / instructor / teacher, you need to explore this subject. You may have not one, but several times to attend the class to understand what was happening.

Of course, there is some probability that the first try will not get «goal»: or the instructor did not like, or a particular form of yoga does not correspond to the current state of a person. But if the internal intention aims to change, not weakens, the person continues searching. And, as practice shows, you need quite a bit of time to choose, and then have to move in a given direction. So do not expect that someone will answer all your questions. «Knock and it shall open to you…»

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