How to choose a quality ski suit

The choice of ski suit – it is responsible. Sports clothing must meet a number of characteristics that will allow you to enjoy skiing without experiencing discomfort. Manufacturers offer a wide choice depending on price range and individual preferences of the buyer.

Катание на горных лыжах

Basic details

Technological features include ski suit fabric type, the top protective coating, properties of the filler and membrane. Pay attention to the lining, which should have good insulation and fast to repel moisture. The best option for insulation – downy filler of Thinsulate.

The membrane in the ski suit is one of the most important components and must have the ability to shed accumulated moisture. For beginner athletes ideal water resistance with characteristics not more than 3500 mm. If you like outdoor skating, you should buy clothes, water-resistant which will not be less than 20000 mm. the Unique structure of the membrane does not lead to the formation of extra folds, elastic and effectively repels dirt.

For more information

Carefully taped seams, ergonomic, convenient zipper, adjustable in two planes hood, gloves, sunglasses, special cuffs on sleeves – all this is additional confirmation of high quality ski suit. Correct fitting will allow you to pick the perfect option that fits the anatomical features of your body. First time wearing a jacket and pants, try to mimic the movements you normally do when riding. The discomfort will testify that it is necessary to change the size or choose another manufacturer.

Where to buy?

Buy a ski suit can be both in the Internet and in specialty store. The price range in the sports segment wide. So pre-decide the cost and the purpose of your purchase. It is better to turn directly to the professional consultant who not only has a grasp on the variety of brands, but also give valuable advice on the care of sports clothing.

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