How to take a fall skiing, skating and snowboarding

Skiing from mountain slopes to ski and snowboard, sliding on the smooth surface of the rink ice skating – all this gives us a storm of positive emotions and… abrasions, fractures, bruises and sprains. But trouble can be avoided if to observe some simple rules of conduct during the practice of winter sports.

Как правильно падать на лыжах, коньках и сноуборде

Even professional skiers, snowboarders and skaters classes sometimes end with injury. What can we say about lovers and beginners! And will be so bad, if fun pastime will result in a simple bruise or sprain. Very often beginners find themselves in hospital with head injuries, fractures. Provoke a fall and an injury may incorrectly matched equipment, obstacles on the track, collisions or just not tighten the laces on ski boots or skates.

Tips for skiers

Ski bindings should be adjusted by a professional – not too tight opens in the fall, and then it will be a high risk of breaking a leg or getting hit by ligini the head or body. But if the attachment is weak, the skis could just fly off during a descent that also leads to injuries.

Necessarily need to wear complete protective set – helmet, knee pads, special pads on the hips. But even if wearing a helmet, in the fall we need to try to clasp his hands to his head, to avoid strong impact on the slope surface.

During the descent to control speed and not to accelerate hard. Beginners are recommended to descend from the high slopes.

Need to fall correctly. Ski poles need to try to throw as far as possible, hands tightly pressed to the body, and not to pull them in front of him.

As fall snowboarders

Snowboarders go down the slope sideways, and the main burden falls generally on the front of the leg. In the fall the first blow falls exactly on this leg and coccyx, the back. In the fall, the snowboarder needs to curl up, take a fetal position.

To avoid falling with the miracle Board will help elementary care on the road. When you turn you need to look around – there is a risk to be cut by another athlete.

You can only stay face to the hillside to make sure that no trace down someone else. To climb up or to rest on the side of the road and not in the middle.

The leading foot should be fixed to the snowboard by a special rope, which will not allow him to «escape» from the owner during the descent.

Tips for Amateur skaters

Novice Amateur skaters must wear full protective kit before going on the ice.

The shoes need to lace correctly: the fingers should be relatively «free», but the ankle and lift – tightly drawn lacing. Insufficiently tightened the ankle deprives equilibrium, even quite experienced skaters.

During the movement the knees should be bent, and the body is tilted forward. This posture will help avoid injury of the head and spine in the fall.

If we fall down on skates, falling on its side. In case of a fall forward you need to relax your body and try to simulate the motion of fish, substituting as a support skids made of the palms and forearms.

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