Parenting without shouting

The question of mutual understanding in the family is very important, because problems at home cause irreparable psychological damage to all family members. Especially acute is the question of education of children and find common language.

Воспитание без крика

Agree that we are often faced with cases where angry mother yelling at their child because of the fact that he dropped something, got dirty, etc. as a result, the baby is crying, not understanding why shout at him. Yes, the mother can understand — as a rule, it keeps the whole family she always busy, she is tired and almost not at rest, nerves are piling up… But to blame the child?

Why the result of your fatigue have to suffer your nerves and the nerves of others? After all, you can find a way to calmly explain to the child what he did wrong, so this will not happen again. And you, if you feel that the forces at the end — ask the native output and perezarias — even in the family there is peace and smiles.

It is also worth noting that the screams in the family bring several problems:

1) Psychological trauma, which would interfere both in childhood and in the future.

2) complexes and ecological feasibility study and isolation.

3) self-doubt.

4) the Child will be afraid to take some things and learn something, because he remembered that every failure he has received from parents instead of support, assistance and explanations one aggression and screaming.

5) Problems with communication.

6) If mom and dad showed a bad example to children, resulting in children in the future will be similar problems in the family because of the same behavior and shouting.

So here are some tips:

1) do Not cry and do not swear — try to solve all problems with a calm explanation, examples, stories and sometimes it is better to something to treat even with humor — take care of your nerves and family.

2) Show a good and worthy example.

3) Support each other in any situation (this is very important) and talk at least sometimes, that you are very fond of each other.

4) If you do not have power at some point to tolerate the child’s behavior — tell him that you are tired and can (perhaps even reluctantly) to scold him in anger.

Try to keep peace in the family — like relationships with children and with loved ones. If something bothers you — learn to speak but not to save in itself. Always put yourself in the place of another before something to say or do. (For example, how would you react if soiled dress, and her husband would not support you and yelled). All have the house to relax and find solace, no wonder they say «My home is my castle». And more humour, as you know, laughter prolongs life.

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