Physical education of children of younger preschool age

Sports and hardening have a tremendous health impact on the whole body of the child, laying a solid basis for immunity. With proper development of the child at younger preschool age adaptive system of the organism will become more sustainable.

Физическое воспитание детей младшего дошкольного возраста

The basic requirements for physical education:

1. Amount of exercise for the child is determined by the doctor depending on health and age. All classes supervises the nurses.

2. Classes are held daily.

3. Exercises are performed outdoors or in a warm ventilated room.

4. The complex of exercises is changed periodically, the exercises gradually become more complex.

5. It is prohibited to exercise immediately before bedtime and after Breakfast.

Morning exercises, massage, active games on the street and classes in athletics are integral links in the physical development of children.

Massage conducted only by a masseur with medical education on a special table. The table was shrouded with a blanket or diaper. Each type of massage is done to children at a certain age.

Since three months the child should do gymnastics that involves light stroking and rubbing limbs. With four months of passive movement were gradually replaced with more active, kneading and tapping. The older the child becomes, the more active elements comprise classes.

For kids second year of life better suited to active outdoor games.

After four years of widely used sports games. To finish sports, you need a calm, rhythmic walk.

One of the most important methods of strengthening the child’s body is hardening. All methods of hardening can be divided into: General and special.

General are used all the time throughout the child’s life and start from birth. These include:

• Air bath — sleeping and walking in the parks or squares (not near the roadway).

• Wiping — rubbing exposed areas with a damp towel at room temperature. Used only for babies from 7 months.

• The total douche — start with only two years. Pour the child in a warm room out of the jar or soul.

• Swimming in open water (river, lake) — you can start with three years duration from two to ten minutes. The temperature of the reservoir is not below 22 degrees.

• Sun bath is carried out with extreme caution! Child after years can be hardened only from 9 to 11 a.m. under the supervision of an adult, and is better under the supervision of nurses.

Special methods of hardening children younger contraindicated. Very important to teach children from an early age to play sports and to monitor their health. Then the child will grow as a healthy man!

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