The child does not sleep

Healthy sleep is very important for all people, regardless of age. Any sleep disturbance leads to fatigue, weakness, health problems. Take a look at how to solve the issue with a baby’s sleep to all family members slept soundly.

Ребенок плохо спит

Sleep disturbance is a very common problem in both adults and children. But in this article we will look at why your child is not sleeping well because if the baby doesn’t sleep, parents can not properly rest. So, let’s start.

Causes and solution:

Individual feature

I remember everyone around me said that in the first months of my daughter every now and then will only eat and sleep. But actually it was not so — she slept very little during the day — all the time she needed to study the surrounding world on my hands, lying on the blanket and looking around. This is despite the fact that the guests came to us very rarely (1-2 people) and we especially did not go anywhere. That is, the excitation she did not have much, but didn’t sleep and all. In this case two options: either to accept, or attempt to create an enabling environment conducive to sleep — such as walk — and good for you and the baby will sleep either outdoors or at home upon return.


A lot of people around, frequent trips to visit, new sounds and experiences — this can cause sleep disturbances. You should try to limit these factors as the child grows older.

The turbulent condition of mother

In my life enough worries and stress for moms, especially during the postpartum period, but the child feels. So try to relax and try to keep yourself calm.

Violated the order of the day

Parents often prefer to sleep late and Wake up late. Now — time in family child — you need to set the correct routine, especially as it and adults is useful, because many people do not get up in the morning due to the fact that lay not in time. I, for instance, while my daughter had not grown up (woke up at night feeding and waking up at 7-8 in the morning) despite the fact that her husband sat up late with her daughter went to sleep at 21.00 (although not really like) — so I more or less spilled.

Child worried about something

It can be alarming loud noises, colic, teething, abdominal pain, temperature, etc. If that’s the case — you just need to experience it.


Here the solution is simple — feed them well and on time.


It often happens that the house is stuffy and hot in such conditions as an adult and a child is difficult to sleep. Try to air — for example take the baby into another room and open (or slightly open) window. I was not drafts and not much inflated, so did the winter — my daughter sat for some time in a closed room and the room ventilated, then closed the window, and opened the door to the bedroom.

The lack of calcium

This leads to disruption of sleep (usually observed in the period of active growth).

An overabundance of of vitamin D

This leads to increased excitability.

Summing up I would like to say that the reasons can be many — you just need to calmly understand the situation and to solve it, because calm child — calm parents (and Vice versa). So maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere in the family, just relax, love each other and everything will be fine!

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