What is whooping cough in a child

This infectious disease affects mainly children of preschool age. The virus is transmitted (gram negative Bacillus) in the air from other recently infected child by close contact. Let’s see, what is whooping cough in children and how to treat it.

что такое коклюш у ребенка

How dangerous whooping cough for children

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract occurs almost instantaneously. And if not treated, the infection can quickly develop, causing serious consequences:

• depression of the respiratory center;

• convulsive fits of coughing allergic nature;

• the Central nervous system.

The symptoms of whooping cough in a child

At the beginning of the infection the child feels weak and unwell. First, he has a runny nose and cough, the voice becomes music from hoarse. Within weeks the symptoms begin to grow. The cough becomes more dry and deep. The same dry rales occur in the lungs. The temperature thus small and can hold about 10 days.

More coughing spells begin to take on a convulsive character, where there is a short delay of breath. This can cause hyperamylasemia, swelling of the face. With a deep breath after the cough the child may be bitten to blood the tip of the tongue.

The body of young children are not always able to cope with such attacks, manifesting itself in the following phenomena:

• nosebleeds;

• involuntary defecation and the emission of urine;

• vomiting.

After 2 weeks, the bouts of painful coughing are amplified and become frequent, prolonged and severe. Over time, will decline and for 6 weeks to disappear completely. But this does not mean that the infection is gone – it may take another form (for example, bronchiolitis or pneumonia).

Diagnosis of pertussis in children

Not to confuse the trivial with acute respiratory infections whooping cough or tracheobronchitis, doctor, need constant supervision for a sick child. Watching the convulsive character of the cough, are also conducting research.

For example, during the attack in front of the patient’s mouth holding a Petri dish with a special environment, to take the sputum culture. The diagnosis is can be put on the basis of bacteriological examination and blood tests. Later, the doctor is based on serological tests: agglutination reaction and the RJC.

How to treat whooping cough in children

Depending on the severity of the disease or isolate the baby at home (in initial stage), or hospitalized at the clinic (in progressive form). Starting treatment with antibiotics, in parallel, by assigning pertussis gamma globulin.

When strong attacks of coughing recommended antispasmodic drugs (such as papaverine). If phlegm departs bad, the doctor prescribes special inhalation with the use of proteolytic enzymes. In severe forms the patient have to contain in the oxygen chambers.

How to protect your child from whooping cough

To protect the child from such tests, it should be taught in advance, using the DTP vaccine. It will help to strengthen the immune system. But in any case, if you know that the child was in contact with the patient with pertussis, it is desirable to immediately enter gamma globulin.

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