Choose loafer: shoes-sloths!

Remember, even our grandmothers wore these shoes with square or round tongue and two tassels on the jumper? And what? Now the whole fashion world is going crazy about stylish loafers!

лоферы женские

In translation from English «loafer» means a slacker. Earlier this Shoe was only English sailors. And so they were considered famous lazy people! And began to call the shoes of the sailors, «lazy», that is the loafer.

Ignorant in fashion people may confuse moccasins with loafers, but it is a gross error! The first — the heel and rigid sole. Of course, now designers are inventing a huge number of varieties of this fashionable and stylish shoes for both men and women. Here are some of the most featured and prominent representatives loafers:

1) Tassel loafers — with tassels of leather on the toe of the Shoe.

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2) penny-loafers — shoes with a leather crosspiece and a slot.

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The materials from which sew loafers, too different. It can be as crocodile leather (tanning and all sorts of reptiles), and suede, velvet, lacquer. Women’s «sloth» can have a high heel, and can almost be no different from male counterparts. The main distinguishing feature of loafers — the design of the toe, rounded-square shape of the pad and thick sole.

So, in the early 30-ies of XX century sailors shoes began to gain a love of design. Loafers with tassels to produce a Shoe company Spalding, and later, George Henry bass made shoes with cuts on her toes. American students began to insert there pennies, to successfully pass the exams. From there came the name penny-loafers. Did not end the history of the evolution of the famous sailor shoes. Great fame brought to them Guccio Gucci, which added to the usual buckle boots-the jumper is on the rise. This model of loafer has become a brand name fashion house Gucci.

By the way, «lazy» immediately became a must have for both genders of our humanity. Prior to the twentieth century, these shoes were worn only by some men. In womens wardrobe, they moved through the film «Funny face» (1957) with Audrey Hepburn, where she appeared on screen in «men’s shoes» without heels. Then the idea to wear loafers and picked up grace Kelly.

Well, nowadays shoes-loafers always kept in the top of the most stylish items of exquisite fashionistas. Now you can see them in a completely different design from basic classics to catchy eclecticism — for every taste, style, and temper. What to wear with loafers? It all depends on your imagination and preferences. This Shoe is the perfect accompaniment with jeans, pants, their suits and even dresses.

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