What to wear with a blouse-bardotka to look stylish

Bardotka called tight blouse, made in the linen style. The shape of this blouse attach to the bone along the line of the bodice support the breast, but there are just skinny models seedless. This type of clothing is named after the famous French actress and fashionista with good taste — Brigitte Bardot. She starred in a similar outfit in one of the films. The author of the model was its compatriot — the designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The blouse was conceived as part of a set for an evening out or performing on stage. It is important to know what to wear with a blouse-bardotka, because this article of clothing is pretty demanding and can ruin the image if managed improperly.

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Types and styles of blouses-bardock

Blouse-bardotka has several names – blouse-bustier, blouse-corsage. It can be quite a variety of models have short sleeves, like t-shirts, which can be lowered to the line of the shoulders. Options with quite undisguised shoulders, with supporting straps or without them.

Along the length of the blouse-bardotti can be quite short (so they resemble a bra on a high base), and can be up to the waist, but always means an uncovered navel.

Today blouses-bardotti popular, especially among girls with a perfect figure. They can easily become part of the set for everyday situations and will be very useful when visiting the celebrations in the evening.

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Who is blouse-bardotka

It is important to know how to wear blouse-bardotka, because it is quite demanding to female forms. The figure must be perfect — no unnecessary ballast on the sides and the navel, this area is exposed. Perfectly this kind of clothing is suitable for the petite girls and women with figure in an hourglass shape with a very narrow waist. It looks good on figures from another type – pear-shaped with a narrow waist.

This outfit is worth it to select it. Undoubted merit of drawing attention to the seductive taut chest and open shoulders.

Absolutely contraindicated in this type of blouse the fairer sex with a rectangular shape due to the lack of waist. If a figure like an inverted triangle with very broad shoulders or has the shape of an Apple – this style of clothing does not fit.

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How to layer your blouse-bardotka

Blouse in the style of Brigitte Bardot can be an independent subject of clothes, and be equipped with various add-ons. It is perfectly combined with a strict jacket, which is important for business women.

The bottom to this kind of blouse you can choose from a variety of different skirts, trousers (narrow or wide). To complement the ensemble can neat sandals or shoes.

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What to wear with a blouse-bardotka: do we need jewelry?

Because of the open neck and décolleté blouse-bardotka requires the presence of jewelry or jewelry in the form of short beads, necklaces, chains with pendants. If pierced ears, a good idea to add long earrings and earrings in the form of rings.

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