How to choose clothes the woman with the forms

For anybody not a secret that to dress fashionably and look stylish want not only women, tightly fitting into the standard 90*60*90 but those who generously endowed by nature rounded hips, lush Breasts and General stateliness of the figure. For these ladies is always difficult to compose an outfit, because it requires an individual approach. But today renowned fashion designers all over the world are developing models of clothes taking into account features of a figure women category «plus size».

Как подобрать одежду для пышных женщин

Especially in the choice of wardrobe

What should be in the wardrobe of curvy women to hide flaws figures, but also beneficial to emphasize the dignity? How not to let her look fat, ashamed of her beautiful body, adorned yourselves with the clothes from «grandma’s chest»? So, how to choose clothes for curvy women?

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Women are «curvy» shapes contraindicated!

What is clear to forget about is all stretch skirts, tight fitting trousers and skirts, active-variegated colours with small prints, things, decorated with rhinestones and lurex. Also be subjected to oblivion is any mini, because they are from the beautiful bodies doing ridiculous and flawed the box. If your hands are full, is to say goodbye to sleeveless garments. Three quarters is the perfect option. The confident elegance and chic to which we aspire in creating the image of curvy women, have nothing to do with birdies kruzhavchikami, lukachukai-wings, bows, sequins and other frippery. All this left far in the past, when our beautiful crumpet was a girl in Czech.

одежда для полных женщин пышная красавица

Dress up fashionable and stylish

We choose with confidence the V-neck on blouses, dresses and knitted pullovers — it’s really a winning move, which always emphasizes a definite advantage — lush Breasts. If it is sufficient for a full neck, it can decorate a handkerchief or scarf to match the dress. Well, since we touched upon the deep cut, it should be noted how important the role of bra for curvy women. It needs to be cut clearly on the chest, not to push and not to be anywhere even slightly free, but on the contrary, should be supportive and uplifting «wealth» and the spotlight figures, and graphically separates the waist and chest.

стильная одежда для пышных женщины

At all times all men were vorozole and chained to their attention the women in dresses. Feminine charm, smooth lines, the volatility of the silhouette and the overall image of tenderness plaque is a wholly owned dresses and skirts on women. The donuts not only possible but also need to resort to this cunning tool and feel free to use it. It is worth to focus on the A-shaped silhouette, which is for curvy ladies always win-win. Poluprilegayuschy dress, long skirt «vosmiklinka» narrowed at the top, radiating soft waves at the bottom, will create a feeling of the swaying fluidity and femininity when you walk and visually lengthen legs. By the way, on the feet is to wear only a thin tights, tight visually thicken the legs. Wearing under the already feminine look pumps with an elegant heel and pointed toe, will only reinforce the effect. Dress is also very beautiful and elegant option, which makes the silhouette more refined.

стильная одежда для полных женщин пышная красавица

Pencil skirt also emphasizes the luxury of the buttocks, defines the waist and the hip line, gives the overall graphic quality of the lower part of the figure, if it collects. If «pencil» is sewn from thick fabric, the effect is a visual «lifting» is only strengthened.

одежда для женщин пышных форм

But do not give up press. This garment is comfortable and versatile for everyone. The heroine of the article is not an exception. The secret is only the correct choice is an important part of the wardrobe. So they are not drawn attention to the figure flaws, conceal them, and wisely masked.

куплю одежду для пышных женщин

We should immediately eliminate the volumetric texture of the fabric, giving preference to flowing and light. Very beneficial look trousers with a low waist, just sitting tight at the hips, tapering slightly to the knee. Full hips perfectly fits the model of trousers with high waist. It is important not only to choose the correct model press, but also competently to think over the top. For example, jackets and blouses will fit to the classic wide-leg trousers. But with narrow-leg trousers should be worn over the flying top.

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But still, the main secret of the charm of voluptuous women are not in clothing, but in the inner love to the world and myself as part of this world. This is the kind of woman, regardless of her options, men don’t.

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