What to wear to the New year

The symbol of the coming year is the Fiery Red Monkey close with the sign of Leo, so the new year’s table should be rich and refined, fun and to accompany us heat and energy.

Новогодний образ


1. The new year is recommended to note in the tissues of natural origin, such as satin, silk, organza, leather. Preferable if it will be a dress of red, coral and orange. To celebrate the holiday in the dresses with mini skirt, which opens the legs, or in evening dress to the floor. The style can be absolutely anything, whether off-the-shoulder or scoop neckline to the dress was bright and drew attention. You can decorate the collar with silver sequins, a simple dress to look brighter.

2. As accessories are perfectly suited natural stones, it can be diamonds, pearls or gold. To complement the image may brooch with the symbol of the year, a silk scarf or shawl on the shoulders. Don’t be afraid to experiment with jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces), they will highlight your style and luxury.

3. As for hairstyles, it can be anything, but should emphasize your grace, no negligence. Best suited hair collected in a ponytail or in neat curls. Makeup brand is welcome in any color, but it can also be restrained. Color of nail Polish to choose under the outfit, and better if it will be your natural nails, as accrued long the manicure has simply not fashionable. Choose any perfume, preferring floral notes.

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