Tip 1: How to clean super glue from skin

Every person at least once in his life faced with such omnipresent substance as superglue. How neat would you are using glue, it is somehow quite mysteriously gets on the furniture, flooring, clothing and other surfaces. But most often the «super glued» be fingers.

Как отмыть супер клей с кожи рук


1. Treat areas of the skin, which fell on the superglue, paint remover «Article super moment» (from the company Henkel). Supersmile can be purchased at any store building materials. It effectively removes any remnants of glue not only with leather but also fabric and also perfectly copes with traces of ink and markers. Means you just need to apply with a cotton swab, sponge for washing dishes or napkins and a little rubbing. Then you should wait a while to dissolve stains.

2. Purchase at the pharmacy solution called «Dimexidum». Apply a small amount of liquid on the stains from the superglue with a cotton swab or sponge. RUB them together thoroughly, and then rinse with warm water.

3. Soak hands in a warm bath (can be pre-diluted in water a drop of FAE). Hold your hands in the bath for 5-7 minutes. Periodically potarite skin, got glue, a sponge for washing dishes. The basis of superglue is cyanoacrylate, which exfoliates and loses its binding properties when in contact with warm water. So you can take 5 minutes to remove any residual glue from the skin.

4. Remove the layer of glue from your fingers using a bit of nail files. Simply RUB the problem area, but especially not get carried away, otherwise you could damage the surface of the skin.

5. Carefully apply on the problem area with a sponge or napkin, previously soaked in acetone. After removing the glue, wash hands with soap and water. Procedure better done on the balcony or in the hallway, so everything else is not have to deal with poisoning from corrosive vapors.

6. May not take any measures to eliminate residues of glue from hands. After a couple of days the adhesive is gone by itself due to basic personal hygiene, it is enough just to wash hands with soap and warm water. The more you do, the sooner you will get rid of adhesive residue.

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