How to wash yellow stains on white

On your favorite things appeared spot. It would make you happy, but what to do with these stains and yellow spotsin it? First set the nature of the contamination. Usually stains of sweat, which also have an unpleasant odor, or tea. To wash them impossible to withdraw.

Как отстирать желтые пятна на белом

You will need

  • soap;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • — bleaching agent;
  • a mixture of glycerol with ammonia;
  • — detergent Fairy.


1. Try out the first way to remove yellow stains: treat it with gasoline, and then with a cloth soaked in ammonia solution, thoroughly wipe the place of contamination, taking the square of fabric a little more than stains. After that, wash the item in soapy water.

2. Many fresh stains can be faded with soap, and they will disappear. Some women prefer to use household: soapy thing have to leave for a few hours and wash under running hot water.

3. Yellowish stains that just appeared, you can wipe with a cloth soaked in a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution, and then the thing thoroughly rinsed and dried in the sun.

4. If yellow spots of different nature, then try to wash the thing in the washing machine using a special bleaching agent (for example, VANISH or BOSS). Will not be worse, because the thing is white, and the spots may disappear. Only it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of the fabric, is it possible to put the wash in the washing machine, and if Yes, at what temperature.

5. If you spill a thing on white tea, it stains of this kind are removed by using a mixture of glycerol with ammonia and old stains you can try to remove the oxalic acid solution by dissolving half a teaspoon in a glass of water. Then the thing should be washed in soapy water by adding a litre of water with two teaspoons of ammonia. Also yellow stains from tea can bring a few drops of lemon juice, prostirav and rinse thoroughly in warm water after this procedure.

6. There is another way, a recipe is willing to share with each other Housewives, however, it may seem strange. The spot can be deduced by the means for washing dishes, for example, Fairy. Splash a small amount on the thing, faded and rinse well. You will see that the cleaner will bring really hated the stain.

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