How to choose a personal psychologist

When you decide on a personal psychotherapy, the essential question is — what kind of psychologist to choose. Friends and acquaintances if they are aware of your intentions, excitedly recommend known professionals, but you are confused. This is a normal phenomenon. Because properly chosen therapist can help you change your life for the better, and reckless choice of a psychologist is not only wasted and a lot of money, but also a great disappointment, which can Rob you of the opportunity to solve your problems.

Как выбирать личного психолога

So, what you need to know when choosing a personal psychologist.


Before you sign up for the first appointment, be sure to check with the specialist or his administrator, which has this education psychologist.

It should take into account here are the details: basic clinical medical education. The best option, of course, is when the psychologist has a medical degree in psychiatry… No, it’s not because you are all so bad. Classical medical education in this area guarantees that the psychologist knows what he’s talking about. The human psyche is directly related to the nervous, endocrine and many other body systems. The ability to analyse these relationships and the right to analyze them is very important.

Also note on the diploma in psychology. Currently, any commercial the College has a psychology Department, so better to give preference to reputable universities with long-standing practice of teaching psychology.

What else? Specialization of this expert. If it is long and firmly in the profession, he must have many certificates of courses, workshops, trainings and so on. Note the theme of these trainings and courses. Feel free to ask questions. You do not have to know what art therapy or Gestalt or placement by Hellinger, therefore, let you detail all this talk. And you choose, you need it or not.

Personal contact

Remember: the first is familiarity. You are looking at to the specialist, and he meets with you. How you both fail to establish this first contact, depends on your further work.

Here you need to be very honest and very careful. If you do not like it, analyze why. If unpleasant feelings arose in the course of the conversation, you can try to discuss them with a psychologist. If later — write them down. Consider your motives: if you’re prejudiced, and why didn’t the psychologist something bad for you that it was, why it was unpleasant and for some reason you didn’t trace this immediately. What else could be the reason for your rejection of the technician: was he attentive to you, impartial, objective.

Do not hesitate to call a spade a spade, only honesty will help you make the right decision, because this decision very much depends.

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