How to let go of the past and live in the present

Human life has a linear structure and is divided into the period of the past, present and future. As a rule, most people live the events that happened a few years ago, as these fragments are associated with valuable memories and sensations. However, to feed your mind with the past – set the inevitable frustration and destruction.

Жить настоящим

How to cope with the burden of the past?

There are several effective ways to tune in to live in the present and forget the past. First, be honest with yourself and analyse why the situation bothers you for a long time. Perhaps you feel guilty and can’t let go of past events. In this case it is better to take a piece of paper and clearly outlines the adverse events that you still care. After that written burn or tear into small pieces. So you will be able to release a number of situations in psychological terms.

Installing the present

You have set yourself that your life is a priceless gift, and time flies every moment with incredible rapidity. The existence here and now will bring you positive emotions only in case of full awareness of the importance of the moment. If you again begin to return to the problems of the past, think how it will be relevant for 5 years. Will you focus on, than kick yourself in the moment?

The right motivation

When a person thought about the past becomes an obsession, then, as a rule, it means that the position of the victim. Misunderstanding, resentment, frustration, painful perception of reality–all that is associated with the actions of others. Feeling such sensations, you automatically set yourself up for life in the past. Let go of people and situations, with which is associated a negative. Take the idea that only you are responsible for your actions, life and relationships with other people. As a result, you will come to the conclusion that life only exists here and now. The past segment, not to return, but future is unknown. Accordingly to worry about these periods of your life makes no sense.

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