What happiness, or what is the main objective of every person’s life

It so happens that we are waiting for happiness, and it seems to be slipping away. Like goals and desires come true and the joy that passes quickly. And inside you feel some sort of emptiness, dissatisfaction. It would seem that you have family, a roof over your head, can be a successful career. And it seems that even a little bit, and I’ll be happy. Here is the car I would, or another cleaner, or go relax and then happiness will come. But true and these desires, and nothing changes, joy in life. Why is this happening?

Что такое счастье, или В чем главная задача жизни каждого человека

Blame false installation, once someone grafted to us. We are accustomed to thinking of happiness as a condition that exists after executing our goals. But this state is in itself weak, of a temporary nature. Actually, happiness has a different concept. Happiness is not a result of our goals. Happiness is a state of severe, permanent, it can transform all around. In this state you can enter. Is always in joy and live in the present moment, enjoying it and getting enormous pleasure from each and every day — really. What should I do to include myself in this mystical state of happiness?

First — take and write in a notebook everything you know about happiness. Written to answer the questions: Who is this happy man? Dream of happy people? What a happy person? What would have happened if you drank the elixir of happiness? Need not to write as an essay, as well as if you want to pour all my thoughts onto paper. This technique is called automatic writing.

The second is to think in writing what the pros and cons of an incorrect conception of happiness (at first to be something, then people will be happy). Options: first Director for me here then I will be happy. First getting married — then I will be happy. And then also in writing to prescribe gain a true understanding of happiness — happiness in me, I am the Creator. I initially laid down. If I’m in a state of joy always, everything goes better. Because the one who lives in happiness and understand what happiness is, thus helps to reveal the true self. He takes His goals, and not imposed on someone or false, coming from false ego. Therefore, not disappointed when they are reached, but rather creates your reality. Such a person can give up its energy of happiness to others, thereby becoming even more happy. A plus multiplied by a minus makes a plus!

Try to tune in live next week in joy. That tune every day will bring you only happiness and enjoyment from life! Stop constantly chewing problems in my head to think how to solve them. Write them on paper, they decide to choose, just try to be happy here and now! Create all conditions for this, raise your spirits. Every day do what you love! Life is fleeting, so let yourself to Live in happiness! You’ll see, you will have a real taste to the usual deeds and joy from each and every day. Life will be totally different — bright, interesting, amazing. Will start to happen as if magical things. Chances and opportunities will shape themselves, even the people will begin to behave differently. Everything will happen in the best way is a powerful force of happiness! Destiny and true purpose of every person is to become happy in this life. So go for it! Experience this state for yourself, and you’ll never want to let him go!

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