The hysteria of the child and the correct reaction of the parents

The child’s mind is quite flexible and susceptible to negative influence from the outside. Loving parents want to spare their child from any troubles and external pressure. The child quickly realizes this and begins to throw tantrums for any reason. How to respond to the child’s behaviour in such cases?

Детская истерика

The main symptoms of hysteria in a child

It is necessary to distinguish different types of behavior of the child. On the one hand, you can witness a typical manipulation, which is accompanied by crying, shouting and unnatural tears. On the other hand, your child probably does need support and understanding. Among the main signals tantrums psychologists are the following:

– regularity;

– pronounced anger;

– the desire to succeed by any means;

– observation of the reaction of parents;

– unwillingness to explain the reasons of such behavior;

– sudden change of mood.

Tranquility and calmness

Seeing that the child begins to throw a tantrum, you need to be patient. It does not depend on age, as the mechanism of hysteria is always practically the same. Make it clear to the child that you will not react to screaming and crying until then, until the baby calms down. It is also important for their behavior to show that in the case of hysteria a positive result will not occur. The best option is to leave the child alone and wait for some time. In the end, your child will see that the desired in this way to achieve fail to continue. This will be the first steps towards the realization that parents will not indulge in any whims.

A serious conversation

If the child has calmed down, try with him to talk seriously. Try to understand the reasons of such behavior and explain that you no longer tolerate this behavior you will not. The authority of the parents in this case should be unwavering for your child. Any deviation may lead to new isteriku with even greater emotional intensity. Invite a child to another scenario. For example, record together on a piece of paper the results that can be obtained without resorting to tears. The regularity of this kind of ritual will help your child to understand that a tantrum is not the most effective way to communicate with parents.

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