Consequences of office romance: personal experience

The people who pay the greater part of his life career, are often unable to meet the opposite sex and have a stable relationship because all of their time spend at work. For this reason, they succumb to temptation and begin to meet with their counterparts.

Последствия служебного романа: личный опыт

Of course, office romance has its advantages. First, you don’t need to wrestle with someone to meet, as the meet itself takes place during the working process. Secondly, your significant other almost all the time will reside with you Navid.

However, such relations, especially short-term Affairs can end in tears. One of my friends decided to change jobs and took a job as a waiter in the new bar. On the first day the boss introduced her colleagues. In addition to the waiter, the institution worked only the bartender (male, 18 years) and adult female cook.

The young girl immediately noticed a young handsome man. «He’s so tall, so beautiful and so vulnerable», — she asked me into the phone until the bartender after closing shifts, preparing for her next cocktail. «I’m sure he likes me, he me with his eyes», — summarized it.

For me this behavior was strange since my friend at home waiting for her husband, with whom relations have long been stalled, and family life have become commonplace in the neighborhood. But it did not stop her. Ever since then they with the young bartender occasionally left the school together after the closing of the change and have a nice time. But she absolutely forgot that such intrigue does not carry any obligation, and eighteen-year-old boy is unlikely to need something besides intimacy.

As she sobbed on my shoulder, talking about the fact that the very young seducer began to lead the work on different girls and flirt with them, drink expensive alcohol and strong coffee. I comforted her, reminding her that she should not forget that is civil marriage, and that such novel initially could not end well.

But at that moment I had no idea what this all may lead. The young man told all my colleagues about his victory, and behind my friend began to chuckle, and sometimes directly spoke of her unscrupulousness. At first she laughed it off, then began to say that her life should not concern you. To work with this guy has become intolerable. Any working moments turned into a grandiose scandal. In the end, the girl quit.

Of course, this story is just an isolated case, however, before having a love affair at work, think about is it worth it.

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