How to get along with your favorite introverts?

Introverts often attract the attention of the opposite sex. Not talkative, not emotional «in public», they seem mysterious and full of hidden nobility, unassuming and comfortable in the relationship. But is it?

Как ладить с любимыми интровертами?

If fate has brought you into an introvert, this is a great success for those who dream of a smooth and harmonious relationship, not attached to the fundamental importance of social career and all that goes with it. But in order for this relationship was strengthened, and was not disappointed – you need to learn how to understand an introvert and not to provoke what could complicate and spoil this relationship. Otherwise you risk getting into a situation of «disappointed expectations».

Love the introvert’s worth it. People of this type enter into a serious relationship as a rule, for a long time, don’t squander your energy on frivolous flirting and relationships «on the side». In conflicts introverts don’t feed the fire of enmity, and given the nature of secrecy does not allow them to discuss their partners behind and even more so – they don’t give «negative assessments» of their partners in intimate conversations with strangers.

For introverts, it is important that the house was cozy and secure. They are silent and quiet like. Their silence is not related to dissatisfaction or indifference, they enjoy the company of a loved one, regardless of verbal communication. It is sufficient to know that the person you love the most near, and from talking they get tired. Therefore it is not necessary to «load» their insipid chatter, gossip, and love, relying on reciprocal behavior, «the cooing of love» is not their Forte.

For these people, a public place a burden, they experience psychological stress in crowded places, where there is a need to communicate with strangers. Loving an introvert can «crawl» out of your comfortable «shell» in order to go with you to visit or to make a company at a corporate party. But if you feel like a «fish in water» at such events, introverts it can be exhausting. After a noisy party the introvert needs solitude to restore balance and energy in silence. Discussion new friends or the desire to share my impressions at this time it is better to postpone and to minimize.

For the normal life of the introvert can become an invaluable habit to listen to the interlocutor, to listen to his words. An introvert will listen to you patiently, but would be offended if his words will not be heard. Try not to interrupt an introvert, do not forget that a conversation is a dialogue, not your monologue.

Living side by side with the introvert, you must learn the proper transmission of information. Such people are tired of talking, excessive theatricality and emotion. Retelling other people’s conversations, try to convey the essence, not emulate someone else’s tone – this will annoy an introvert. Telling something to the introvert, it is better to avoid fine detail that accentuates the important and main.

Introverts don’t like disputes, criticism, objections are too active generally and conflict communication. A discussion with an introvert can be a real pleasure, if you turn it into a quiet conversation. And the dispute raised voices or peremptory nitpicking his words, ideas and actions will cause him fatigue, resentment, or boredom. In such cases, introverts usually «go into» trying to psychologically isolate themselves from the conversation. If such situations are frequent in a relationship may experience alienation and cooling.

Be careful in the words. Introvert easily hurt by rudeness. Sensitivity makes him vulnerable. He may not show it, but will survive in secret. Hurtful words are remembered such people for a long time, and if awkward situations in communication will be repeated, you risk to be «outside» relationship, it just closes and rely on his sincerity will become increasingly difficult. Appreciate the openness of such people, because they are not open to everyone.

Ironically, introverts often fall in love with extroverts. They are able to admire you, when you turn on the charm «to the fullest», but experience unpleasant feelings if they see that their partner starts to «show off» before strangers to please everyone indiscriminately.

The inner world of the introvert is rich and invisible to others. If you become part of his inner universe, you can be assured that your place is there no one else will take. But to forcibly encroach upon his personal space is not worth it, he will not accept dictate, control, and careless attitude to his personality, habits and time.

Introverts have a great sense of humour, which is revealed in a circle of friends. «To spark» jokes in the presence of strangers, the introvert will not, and frivolous humor, or sarcasm, ridicule anyone, much less your or my address, an introvert will not understand or forgive. Moreover, such people are often characterized by the rancor. And don’t be surprised if poisonous «studs» in your address then it will return – subtly, calculating and devastatingly, with the help of perfectly chosen words.

In close relationships introverts do not differ shamelessness, don’t like excessive rudeness and swagger, but they know thin pleasure. Taciturn, he is more like a game of touch, tactile sensation, not in a hurry and frequently think about the partner than about yourself. So don’t be afraid to Express gratitude for the precious moments of intimacy and introvert to open the secret desires. The trust would be compromised, especially in such delicate matters as intimate communication.

For introverts, it is important that close people happy, otherwise they feel restlessness and may fall into melancholy. To know that a loved one happy around them – is tantamount to these people confidence that they are loved, and the relationship strong. If you will demonstrate the cold, or do «look», trying to psychologically pressure or manipulate an introvert, you cause him suffering. But introverts harmonious by nature, and at some point you may lead to spiritual armor of indifference. And then the introvert will not catch neither tantrums nor tears. Trying to be protected from explicit or implicit aggression (and any display of negative feelings is a manifestation of aggression), your partner can «go down» and will no longer respond to your taunts and reproaches. This does not mean that he will not feel guilty for your «bad life». Introverts just have a low «pain threshold», and to test his endurance so unsafe for a relationship. These people endure for a while, saving up inside the emotional garbage that he throws close. But if there is an emotional outburst – back to the old trust and easy relationships will be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible.

An introvert will not itself destroy the relationship. All that will destroy them – is done with your hands, words, on your initiative. Introverts rarely go on rupture of relations de facto. If the house is in an untenable situation – they just turn in on themselves tightly, and sometimes find the connection «on the side», but never advertise. But if these partners decide to leave, it’s usually forever. Appreciate your own happiness.

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