How to choose downhill skis — a few tips

In terms of the huge range of modern sports equipment and sometimes even for a professional athlete who deals ski slope, it is difficult to choose suitable skis, not to mention easy, considering the ski sport variant only as a pleasant pastime in the winter holidays. However, knowledge of the basic characteristics that should guide the choice of Alpine skiing, will help to facilitate this difficult task.

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How to choose Alpine skiing?

In most case, the choice of skiing trying to build on such an indicator as the height of a man, who is going to ride. This is perhaps the most common mistake almost all beginners wishing to join the Alpine skiing. According to professional athletes, the length of this sports equipment is not so important when riding.

In this sport there is special discipline called slalom. All male athletes who have opted for this direction, we descended from the snowy slopes on skis with a length of 165 cm Beginners this fact may seem strange, but this proves once again that the growth of the skier in this case, absolutely nothing depends. Slalom tracks suggest a large number of turns, for the successful completion of which skis should have good maneuverability. So, on each pair of skis you can find a special symbol (the letter «R») representing the radius of their turn. Than smaller will be this ratio, the shorter will be the turns when going downhill.

When choosing ski equipment should not come from individual characteristics of the structure of the organism (age, weight, height) and what roads you plan to ride. There are several varieties of skiing that are designed for different tracks. So, if you prefer a slow ride short-turns, the ski length should be 155 to 165 cm, and the radius be in the range of 11-14 m. Fans of high speeds with smooth long turns should opt for a ski length of wing 170-185 cm with a turn radius of 16 to 25 m.

Of course, we should not forget that any sports equipment from the point of view of gender is divided into two different categories. In other words, a woman is unlikely to fit skis designed for men.

How to choose downhill skis for your child?

Choosing skis for your child, should be guided by entirely different parameters:

  • the weight and age of the child;
  • growth;
  • the experience of riding a ski;
  • the style of riding.

If your child weighs less than 40 kg, then its weight will determine the length of the acquired Alpine skiing. If you choose this sports equipment, you could use the following scheme:

  • weight 10-20 kg, ski length is 70-80 cm;
  • the weight of 20-30 kg; the length of the ski is 90 cm;
  • weight 30-40 kg; the length of the skis – 100 cm.

If the child’s weight is more than 40 kg, the vertical height of the ski should be equal to the distance from the earth to the nose of the child.

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