What the skier

In the winter go sledding with slides and a dreamy look on the slopes? It seems that these people running on the ski mountains are brave and they were born. Actually skiing you can start doing at any age.

Что нужно горнолыжнику

You will need

  • ski clothing
  • — boots, skis, poles
  • — protection
  • ski base


1. For skiing, of course, need mountains. Or the slopes. Find the appropriate «civilized» ski base with the medical staff, administration, instructors, and places for rest and shelter in the cold. Never start to descend from the «wild» slopes is very dangerous, and no assistance near.

2. Before the first visit to the base, consider how you’ll ride. If you’ve decided to engage in this sport, it is better to buy a ski suit. Pick up his size and his own comfort. It protects the stomach, wrists and neck from hit of a snow during a fall. Contributes to the warming of the body motion, and thus it is thin and light compared to the usual winter jackets, pants, etc.

3. If you are just after the first time will be able to determine whether you like skiing or not, we pick up things as comfortable as possible: comfortable jacket and narrow pants. For heat it is better to wear underwear.

4. Separately it is necessary to take care of gloves or mittens. They should be waterproof, otherwise your hands quickly become wet and freeze, because you’ll often fall and stretch his arms into the snow.

5. An important part of ski equipment is protection. For beginners it is simply necessary. Protection is a special soft lining, worn on the most vulnerable parts of the body in the fall: knees, buttocks, back, elbows. On the head – helmet.

6. Not to be redundant and glasses with mask. Need glasses for during the descent from the slope the snow does not fly in the eye (he will fly), and the mask – in order not to freeze your nose and chin.

7. Now you need to choose the basic tools skier: boots, skis and poles. In the specialized shops of your choice will have a huge number of well-known quality companies, offering its range. Your choice will depend primarily on the future style of riding. For example, for the descent through the deep snow cushion fit wide and long skis, and slippery turns – narrow and short (they are more maneuverable).

8. Do not hesitate to ask help from specialists on the trading floor. Specify your height, weight, and price requirements. Consultants in the sales area should help you to understand this diversity.

9. If funds for the purchase of all equipment is not enough, then do not despair. Almost all ski resorts offer ski hire, poles, boots and even masks and ski glasses. There are even cheaper option: to take not on the base, and in the rental service in the city.

10. Now you have everything to become a ski racer. It remains only to start. Better on the first lesson is to trust professionals and to take a few lessons with an instructor.

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