What is a exercise room

Exercise room — this room equipped with cardiovascular equipment. Now any sports club has a mandatory exercise room or cardio, because classes are a must-have for athletes.


The cardio equipment includes:

  • bikes;
  • treadmills;
  • steplery;
  • Ellipticals.

They should have heart rate sensors and heart rate.

Before class in Cardinale is carried out for 10 minutes warm-up. It helps to warm the muscles and prepare the heart for exercise. When you develop cardio stamina and burnt fat stores. May be performed as a full workout and Supplement after work at the gym. Cardio machines differ in the technique of execution of movements and type of load exactly the same. It is possible for classes to choose one simulator or alternate using different. The result will bring an intense and long workout.

After the gym sessions will be from 15 to 45 minutes. If you deal only in Cardinale, they ought to start with 25 minutes and gradually build up to an hour. The breakdown of fat occurs only after 15 minutes of training on simulators.

  • The exercise bikes. Is suitable for people who have varicose veins, back trouble, and joints. Exercise bikes are worked on the thighs and buttocks, back, stomach, chest and shoulders remain without attention.
  • Treadmills. Walking and running on the tracks — the safest form of exercise.
  • The Steppers. In this simulator well is pumped the chest, back and shoulders.
  • Ellipticals. They combine all types of exercise machines. They can be used to address the following areas: thighs, buttocks, back, chest, shoulders, shins. This unit evenly distributed load on all areas, so for training there are no restrictions.

Restrictions to practice in Cardinale

  • Varicose veins do not use horizontal machines.
  • If you have flat feet and back problems, Jogging replaces walking.
  • If in the course of employment, there is discomfort, it is necessary to take a break.

Systematic training on the cardio machines will not only help to protect the heart and blood vessels from diseases, but also to lose weight.

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