How to do in Cardinale at the gym to lose weight

All people who attend sports clubs, you know that to lose weight you must do cardio.


Consider the most popular of them:

  • exercise bikes;
  • treadmills;
  • Ellipticals.

Cardio training is an independent activity, which increases the efficiency of the organism and increases the intensity of fat burning. The cardio equipment is the same type of load, their difference lies in the technique of the movement. You can choose to practice one machine or several. The greatest effect of the practice will be during long and intense workouts.

If a workout aimed at fat burning, then its duration can be from 25 minutes to an hour. When she goes, after training in the gym, 15 minutes. Intense fat burning occurs only after 15 minutes from commencement of exercise.

The most suitable option of cardio trainingis the alternating load. You should start with a warm-up and minimum load, and then gradually move to intense exercise, and then again to make gentle work.

To lose weight quickly and benefit from training, it is advisable to follow these rules:

  • Can not eat before training.
  • It is impossible to do on an empty stomach.
  • The appearance of discomfort in the muscles you need to take a break in training.
  • To choose to practice comfortable, made of natural materials clothing and footwear.

Exercise bikes

Load work the muscles of the legs and abdomen. Classes have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and develop endurance in man. 40 minute workout on a stationary bike can burn up to 1500 calories.


They are the most simple and effective to use. When training on a treadmill happen quicker metabolic processes in the body, resulting in a lot of fat is burned. This cardio is hard on the legs, back muscles and pectoral girdle. Also, when regular classes were loaded with the muscles of the thighs and shins.

Elliptical trainers

They combine all types of exercise machines, are universal. When training them involves all muscle groups. Before the start of classes in the pre-Cardinale need to go to the doctor and get permission for sports. Then the coach in accordance with these recommendations, will select the required simulator and load level.

When training on the cardio improves the cardiovascular system and is ineffective in combating fat.

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