How to make content in «InDesign» (InDesign)

One day I needed to make the content of a mini-dictionary of «Food and plants» in English. It was necessary for the section titles («Fruits/Berries», «Beans/Nuts/Herbs») to present in a table of contents indicating the page numbers. Help came from a program for computer typesetting «InDesign» (InDesign).

Как сделать содержание в "ИнДизайн" (InDesign)


1. So, choose in the menu «Window-Styles-Paragraph Styles» on the right to display the «Paragraph Styles». Click the dropdown menu arrow and choose «New paragraph style».

2. Let’s call the «Paragraph Style» — «table of contents» Header, choose the parameters:
«The basic character Attributes: font Size (font size) 24пт»;
«Indents and spacing: Alignment: centered»;
«Bullets and numbering: the Type list is not defined».

3. Now select the section titles («Nuts/Herbs», «Fruit/Berry») and apply to them the style «table of contents»Header.

4. Select in top menu «Window-Styles-Character Styles»: appeared on the right panel «Character Styles». Click on it and in the drop down menu under the arrow, select «New Character Style».

5. Adjust the parameters of the «Character Style», call it «contents page» and then in menu: «Main character attributes: font Size (font size)» — must match the size of the font in the «Paragraph Style» «table of contents» Header — i.e. 24пт. «Underline» — put a tick, «underscore»: «Underscore on» — put a tick, «Thickness»— 2пт, «Offset» — 0пт, «Type» Is «Dot dash», «Hue» — 100%.

6. Go to menu «Layout-contents» custom settings, «Style»: «table of contents» Header. «Other styles»: «table of contents» Header — click «Add». «Style element»: «table of contents» Header, «page Number»: «After login». Between entry and number: tabulation character
«Level»:1 (if there were subheadings and, respectively, second «Paragraph Style» for the subtitle, you would put 2) and, respectively, top, specify «Styles (symbols)»: «contents page».
Next, assign a name to the style of «Стиль16» and click «Save Style» and «OK».

7. Now correct leader. Go to text menu — the Tab stops, select the arrow to the right and we will be dragged along the scale until you achieve the desired length of the line leader.

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