What locks to choose for the New year

On the eve of the New year of the fair sex try to think of your wonderful image to the last detail. Not the last place in this issue is her hair. To hair looked thicker and bulkier, like Barbie, you can cheat curls.


Curls-spiral. It’s the curls that resemble the shape of a spiral or corkscrew round through his small curls. This hairstyle can be created using curlers or Curling irons. Clean hair should be sprinkled with olive oil remedy. The diameter of the rod should be as small as Curling irons, it also should be thin. Once you roll the hair, strands distribute hands that they lie exactly to each other, sprinkle the hair lacquer for fixing.

Careless curls. They can be obtained with the help of a diffuser, use the spray for thermoprotection. Dry your hair, but the hair turned out sloppy, if you walked on the wind, do not use locking means.

Hollywood wave. To obtain a homogeneous wave, it is necessary to dry the hair with a brush that they came out smooth and silky. Hair should be divided in half, then to one side to separate large sections of hair wrap, starting with her. Curling needs to be tapered. Curls should lie in the direction of the face. Once the screw locks, they do not brush immediately, let cool down a bit. Then take a flat comb with fine teeth and swipe without jerky movements, smoothly through the hair. A smaller portion of hair can take invisible behind her so she would not slip forward. You should fix all the hairspray and added Shine. The more your hair will Shine, the more luxurious it will look wave.

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