How to make an original evening hairstyle based on a French braid

Step by step instructions on creating original evening hairstyle using French braids.

Как сделать оригинальную вечернюю прическу на основе французских кос

You will need

  • hairspray
  • small silicone rubber band
  • hair clip
  • several studs


1. Necessive hair strand by strand to give future hair visual volume. The fleece is made in small strands around the entire circumference of the head.

2. Share hair into strands and start to weave fishtail inside out, weaving the three strands, which are laid under the bottom, this type of weave is called the French braid.

3. Yes depleted braid the back of.

4. Gently pulling hair to get voluminous spit.

5. Fix the braid with a clip and continue to weave it to the end, the tip of the spit fasten a small rubber band.

6. Further, on the other side of the head Zapletal second braid similar to the first. The resulting braid secured with lacquer.

7. Lay one braid on top of the other and screw the stud.

8. Top scythe lay in a semicircle and pins, ponytail stubbing remaining invisible.

9. A second braid is also spread in a semicircle and fix invisible. Using pins to fix the resulting hairstyle.

10. Sprinkle with varnish. Hair ready.

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