Hairstyles that are not afraid to wear in bad weather

Outside the window was really cold, so, the time has come for hats. Fortunately, their choice is huge – from elegant felt hats and stylish knit berets to hats of different shapes and colors. That’s great, but is it possible in these conditions to preserve the beauty of the neatly arranged hair all day? What kinds of hairstyles will be suitable for the cold season?

Прически, которые не страшно носить в непогоду

The effect of wet hair

Many stylists recognize that there is nothing more attractive and sexy than wet hair in the summer season. Why only in summer? In the autumn, when the sky and things fall through raindrops or snowflakes, the «wet» hairstyle remains no less urgent. Moreover, for very little is required, for example, the use of serum-Shine before laying. In this case it is important to know when to stop and not overdo it, because the effect of the wet from the effect of dirty hair one step away.

Voluminous beehive bun

For those who do not like to wear their hair in the wind, is a great option – to collect them in a high neat bun. It is very simple, but it is best to use a special roller. To create the beam necessary to tie a high ponytail and put on top of the cushion gum. Strand by strand neatly tucks under the clip and secured with hairpins. Thanks to roller achieve the effect of hair density and the hair looks very elegant.

Bow long hair

An alternative to the traditional beam – original bow design created from its own strands. This hairstyle looks very impressive and the way remarkably simple. Need to collect hair in a high ponytail, leaving a loop. Then the loop is divided into two halves, which are invisible fixed on opposite sides. The rest of the tail rises up and stabs invisible for a full of imitation of a bow.


Braiding is yet another excellent hairstyle option for bad weather. French braids, fish tail, various kinds of spikes, cornrows and much much more.

To protect the hair

If, however, you need to make tough and less resistant hair, it is important to know a few tricks that will help to save it.

  • After installation you need to give your hair to cool down, otherwise the hair will instantly lose its shape.
  • You can not go outside with wet locks.
  • To save the volume of hair hats are good to wear, not earlier than the expiration of 2 hours after laying.

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