How to solve the problem of hair loss

At birth a person pledged a certain amount of hair, but rather hair follicles. New follicles will not appear, but each has the cycles of life. It is hair growth, fading and loss.

Как решить проблему выпадения волос

The main problem with most people is excessive hair loss. Hair is still everywhere: on the floor, in the comb, on the pillow, on clothes. Hair, ruining even the most beautiful remnants of hair that grow back. It is difficult to make packing, it is impossible to choose the right hairstyle, even a simple ponytail requires additional hairpins, invisible. The causes of hair loss are different – the lack of vitamins, stress and psychological stress, side effects of drugs, improper hair care etc.

Sometimes in the etiology of hair loss can be not the perception of the body a particular food. As soon as you notice this problem, you should consult a specialist, namely a trichologist. The sooner you act, the more chances you have to preserve the innate structure of your hair, otherwise the hair just becomes rarer. Cessation of hair growth – a clear sign that the bulb falls asleep.
In the case where the process of hair thinning has already started, to grow hair will be very easy.

Many people think that in heavy cases it is necessary to focus on taking drugs inside, but drug treatment should have a purpose and be administered by the attending physician. To waste money and time to take medicines without consulting the doctor, not need.

Excess drugs can harm not only the body but also the hair. That will only aggravate the problem. It is better to take one, but really effective drug.
It is important not only to take medication, but also to examine the scalp, because it is a separate system and requires specific care.

When encountered chronic problems of the scalp treatments is to reduce inflammation, decrease skin tightening, stimulation of hair growth.

Another problem is dandruff. In the treatment of complicated forms of dandruff are often used dermatological peeling of the scalp.

Whatever the problem, it is important not to delay treatment and not to rely on their own strength, otherwise the negative consequences will be unavoidable. You will miss time, spend the money and lose the beauty and health.

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