Mesotherapy for hair

Beautiful hair, as you know, a reason for pride of any person. The changes happening in our body, primarily affect the condition of our hair. Modern injection method impact on the scalp — mesotherapy hair.


Now there are two types of mesotherapy for hair. The first type is manual. Before starting the procedure, the physician must treat the scalp, then introduce a vitamin cocktail. First processed areas on the hairline, and then by parting.

After the procedure is over, the physician should apply an antiseptic and to treat the scalp again. Mesotherapy procedure takes 20 to 45 minutes. After this procedure it is not recommended to wash your hair for 2 days to give the medication time to be distributed evenly and the wounds fully heal after the injections.

Mesotherapy is a course of the procedure and must be repeated from 1-2 times a week for 2 months.

The second type is hardware mesotherapy. In carrying out this procedure using a special device called mesoinjectors. The specialist determines the depth of insertion of the needle just before the procedure.

This type of mesotherapy is considered the most painless and quick, compared to manual. The recommendations given by the specialist after the procedure, you should be mandatory to achieve maximum effect.

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