Faber Pro — a new approach to hair restoration

The rhythm of our life is so unstable that not always is the possibility of daily care. The lack of a balanced diet, neglect of taking vitamins, the temperature effect of styling products cause the hair lose its luster and elasticity. Every day styling make increasingly difficult due to the unruly and brittle hair.

Pro Faber

Faced with such problems, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive restoration of hair structure. The company l’oreal for a long time conducted research and development on the basis of their research laboratories. Innovative technology and a scientific approach to solving the problem of destruction of hair structure led to the creation of a revolutionary model of a molecule Aptyl 100. It is included with most of the line for hair restoration Pro Faber.

Faber Pro – a set of tools to stop the destruction on the existing phase of the hair structure with the function of subsequent recovery.

The procedure of use of funds occurs in three stages:

1. Protection of hair.

The first step is to conduct diagnostics at the hair salon. The specialist will hold a full range of purification and recovery. For this purpose: shampoo, mask for recovery, as well as a leave-in treatment Pro Faber. After this procedure, hair is protected, but this is only the beginning of the recovery process.

2. The reconstruction phase.

For further action Aptyl 100 molecules needed in the home to use shampoo Pro Faber selected depending on the degree of destruction of hair structure. Specialist hairdressing salon will help determine the category of shampoo. Use it at home, occurs in four cycles.

3. The fastening result.

After four times using the lines for home care Pro Faber, you need to activate the molecules Aptyl 100 by applying a serum RE-CHARGE. After this procedure will start the process of self-renewal of the hair structure.

Shiny and healthy hair is the result of work of a full range of tools for hair restoration Pro Faber.

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