How to wrap hair without curlers and Curling irons at home

There are special workshops with hair, which having mastered, you can significantly simplify your life.

Вы можете накрутить волосы без бигуди и плойки в домашних условиях


1. The easiest way to wind your hair without curlers and Curling irons at home is called «the Beam.» Wet strands of water, gather your hair into a pony tail. Twist them tightly, coil into a bun and secure with a hairpin. After a few hours remove the pin and unwind wiring. Now the resulting curls can beat with hands and sprinkle with varnish.

2. Use ordinary pins to put her hair without curlers and Curling irons quickly. Moisten your hair with water from the spray, divide them into small strands, and each of them twist inside as if in curlers. At the base of the invisible lock or pin. Keep going until you make a neat smoke rings from all the strands. It is best to do a hairstyle for the night, wrapping your hair with a scarf and in the morning remove the pins, Unscrew the ring, beat the hands, the curls and fix with varnish.

3. To cheat hair without curlers and Curling irons at home will help the cloth from a small piece of cotton cloth (cut into strips). Wash your hair with shampoo or wet with water. Comb comb and divide into thin strands. Every one of the tips put on rag curler and spin to the ground. Tie the ends of the rags site on each strand. In the process of drying hair curls are formed. Removing the cloth, straightening and fixing hair lacquer, you will get the desired styling. Instead of cloth you can use paper tubes for juices or even the caps from pens and markers.

4. Try to create curls without curlers and Curling irons traditional braids. Wash your hair with shampoo or just wet the strands with water. Divide the hair into thin strands and braid each of them in a braid, tying with a thin rubber tip. Sprinkle the varnish is obtained braids and go to sleep. In the morning dissolve the hair and form curls with fixing varnish.

5. You can use the crab to put her hair at home. Wet strands of water and divide into several parts. Coil each of them into a bundle and attach to the head using a crab for the hair. In the morning remove the crabs from the hair, spin the flagella and style.

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